Lookin' Good!: A Gizmo (From Gremlins) Dress

February 1, 2010


Sure he looks like a stoned pug, but still: G for effort. AND Gizmo. The dress skirt is available for $2,100 from Alex and Chloe, and is, wait -- $2,100? You've got to be f***ing kidding me.

"Gizmo" skirt in grey tweed with 'ear-pockets' and swarovski crystal eyes by BRIAN LICHTENBERG from the ready to wear collection.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ready to Wear BRIAN LICHTENBERG pieces are made to order - Please allow 10-14 business days before we ship this item.

First of all, for being in the "ready to wear" collection, 10-14 business days before shipping doesn't exactly sound all that ready. And secondly, how much you wanna bet there's an evil Gremlin hiding behind that cuddly little face? (I'm talking about her vagina)

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, including some close-ups.




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Thanks to Niki, who wore a far better looking Ewok dress to prom and was the belle of the ball.

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