LEGO + Nipples = Awesome? It Sure Does!

February 25, 2010


NOTE: Jump is NSFW due to glass-cutting nipplery.

This is a little series of modeling shots taken by Model Mayhem user iFeminine (link is NSFW!). It's LEGO minifigs mining for milk. Or...something. All I know is there are nipples, a cannon and an octopus involved, arguably making this the best series of pictures on the internet. There's just no topping it. Not even with dino pasties. Nipple tie-in FTW! Ahhhhh, you still got it, GW, you still got it.

Hit it for the rest of the NSFW series, along with a completely unrelated pic (minus being taken by the same photographer) of the Incredible Hulk holding a pair of breasts.


iFeminine's Model Mayhem Portfolio (NSFW)

Thanks to That Girl, who, wait, That Girl? The one with the nipples?!

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