Kirsten Dunst Cosplaying 'Turning Japanese'

February 24, 2010

NOTE: Video is NSFW due to anime nudity at 0:25, 0:52, 1:25, 2:39 and 3:25 -- so skip those parts. Or don't, God, you hate your job anyway.

This is a cover and music video of The Vapors' classic, 'Turning Japanese' as performed by Kirsten Dunst. I thought you might be into it. Hell, I don't know, she's dressed up as the "Akihabara Majokko Princess" and dancing around in the streets. Plus blue hair and a magic wand. And speaking of magic wands: have any of you seen Harry Potter around here lately? I think we might have had a little mix-up. I went to play fetch with my dog and he exploded.


Thanks to Isaac and Marty the farmer, who have both been huge Kirsten Dunst fans since Jumanji. Jesus Christ.

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