Kill All The Natives!: NASA Wants To Put Robotic Scientist 'Avatars' On The Moon

February 26, 2010

NASA, in a covert attempt to mine Martian cheese, wants to send scientists to the moon in the form of avatars, just like in the movie by the same! (Avatar, not Martian cheese -- although that shit has blockbuster written all over it too).

NASA can put humanoids on the Moon in just 1000 days. They would be controlled by scientists on Earth using motion capture suits, giving them the feeling of being on the lunar surface.

The 1000-day mark is quite plausible, since the mission would be a lot simpler than a human-based one. It will also be quite cheaper than the real thing. First, you don't have to care about life support systems, which will make spacecraft manufacturing a lot less complex. The whole system would also weight a lot less, reducing the need for the development of a huge rocket, and again reducing the costs.

Ha, I love how in the robot in the video stares at his fingers for a full minute like, "holy shit, what the f*** are these?!" Great programming, NASA. And, hypothetically, if my avatar decided to get drunk on moon juice and chase some alien snizz, would I single-handedly restore interest in outerspace and save NASA from the brink of funding collapse? Yes, I would. AND YOU BETTER RENAME A PLANET AFTER ME.

NASA Project M Puts Scientists' Avatars On the Moon [gizmodo]

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