Informational Graphics: State Of The Internet

February 4, 2010


This is a little (well, large actually) informational graphic explaining who uses the interwebs and some other stuff about this bitchin' series of tubes. There's nothing particularly shocking about the stats except for the fact that US broadband speed sucks big ol' fossilized dino balls compared to everywhere else. Oh, and the State of the Blogosphere section, that part was interesting. Did you know that 16% of bloggers consider themselves "snarky", 44% "humorous" and 54% "expert"? Only one answered "hung like mountain lion, if mountain lions were 18 feet tall and three-quarters penis", and that was me. Just sayin', I cannot tell a lie.

Hit the jump for the rest of the moderately informative graphic.


The State Of The Internet [focus]

Thanks to Brettmucker, who's convinced this here series of tubulars is gonna catch on real big one day. You're f***ing crazy.

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