I'm Learning!: Ballpoint Pens Explain Sex

February 1, 2010


Whew -- after an unquestionably robot-related catastrophic failure yesterday, Geekologie is back and ready to dance. Here, I'll lead. And by lead I mean stand on your shoes while you shuffle me around the dance floor like a little girl. Okay, now make me fly like Baby at the end of 'Dirty Dancing'. Whoa -- whoa -- wheeeeeeeeeee!! *CRASH* Wow, that was definitely NOT the time of my life. These are pens explaining sex. Blogging magic -- I've still got it.

Hit the jump for more, better ones (damn yeah I'm going for that extra click. DO IT!).


Sex explained graphically by pens [9gag]

Thanks to Christopher, Julian and Marco, who once explained sex to a roomful of senior citizens with nothing more than their naked bodies. Eight people died.

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