I...Don't Get it: Conceptual Police Stilettos

February 16, 2010


Um, yeah, shoes designed to look like the podiatric lovechild of a Lamborghini police car and stiletto heels. That's something. Something I'll pay you $200 to wear and Riverdance on my nuts.

We live in an explosive time for fashion. Bright lights, low brow, express yourself. Applause is given to those who don't hold back. That's what these shoes are all about, if you ask me. Absolute wonderfulness embodied in a shoe. Anyone who looks at these (assuming they someday exist in the real world) must stop in wonder. Wow, what am I even looking at! These are a sight to behold!

Huh? That's less coherent than what I write and I usually just close my eyes and pound my fists on the keyboard like a child begging to be fed. Which *ahem* these green beans aren't gonna fly themselves to my lips, a-hole!

Hit the jump for some ridiculous closeups.




Hot On Your Heels [yankodesign]

Thanks to Matt, who looks ravishing in a cocktail dress and 4" stilettos.

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