I'd Ride The Hell Out Of It: The Triceracopter

February 12, 2010


I've known about the Triceracopter for awhile because it was available last year, but I didn't want to tell you about it while I attempted to secure it for myself. Unfortunately even my most threatening phone calls didn't work, so here it is. Now maybe you can help me steal it. Per old post:

Built as a sculpture in 1977 by artist Patricia Renick, it's now available now for the discerning collector/dinopilot.

The Triceracopter is subtitled "Hope for the Obsolescence of War," and I guess that's why it's a dinosaur combined with a military helicopter.

You know what I love about the Triceracopter? Unlike most dino-vehicle hybrids, this one won't scorch your genitals off should you try mounting it from behind. *ahem* I'm looking at you, Velocirocket.

Hit the jump for three more shots.




Triceracopter: If Only Evolution Had Worked Out Differently [gizmodo]
DINOCOPTER [epicwinftw]

Thanks to Lomig, 3.14chan, Jay, Cpt. Awesome, Z.Z, Adam, Shibby, The Eberhardt, Page, Kraven, Clint, Austin and Cloie, who

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