Hydrogen Airships: Future Of Luxury Transport

February 15, 2010


Ever wanted to float around the world in a pyramidal airship filled with enough hydrogen to burst into flames and OH THE HUMANITY!

Towering kite-shaped airships could herald a new era of luxury transport following the introduction of the Aircruise concept. Standing 30 metres taller than One Canada Square in Canary Wharf, packing 330,000 cubic metres of hydrogen gas and capable of lifting 396 tonnes, the Aircruise concept features penthouse apartments, bars and dizzying glass viewing floors

Silent and pollution free, the Aircruise combines solar power with a primary hydrogen drive for a cruising speed of around 90mph

Aircruise was created as the antithesis of a hurried, crowded passenger jet. London-based design and innovation company Seymourpowell wanted to rethink transport - on the premise 'slow is the new fast'

"Slow is the new fast", really? Because, at least according my love-making, fast is the new -- honey why are you crying? What do you mean, "small isn't the new adequate" either? YOU KNOW MY PUMP BROKE.

Aircruise: giant hydrogen airships could herald a new era in luxury travel [telegraph]

Thanks to Doug The 64 Year Old Roommate, who may or may not have died on the couch a week ago (I'm gonna poke him with a stick if he doesn't move by Wednesday).

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