*HORF*: Meat Cakes Are A Little Too Realistic

February 23, 2010


This is a slab of bacon. In cake form. I know, I thought it was eel too. Anyway, I'm gonna have to admit I'd have a hard time driving that into me. Mostly because there's no steering wheel or pedals! *zing!* How about airline food, amirite? First time I've ever had to use a barf bag in the back of my pants. Thank you, thank you -- you all have been great, don't forget to tip your bartenders, I'm gonna steal their tip jars after the show. Woops -- did I say that out loud? I have a gun.

Hit the jump for an eerily realistic Spam cake and an unbelievable bacon & eggs one.



Bacon and Spam Cakes Look Delicious [walyou]

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