Google To Add Store Views To Google Maps?

February 8, 2010


Allegedly Google plans to feature the interiors of participating retail stores on Google Maps. Because, well, I'm not really sure why. Something to do with controlling the world though, that's a given.

The report comes from Search Engine Land, which was contacted by a New York company called Oh Nuts. Apparently the almond-monger recently got a visit from camera-toting Google guys, who photographed their entire store, six feet at a time, in every direction.

So essentially, you'd be able to see a storefront in Street View, click on it, and check out the interior for inventory, cleanliness, layout, etc.

Interesting, Google, but you know what would be even more helpful? Live webcams in Victoria's Secret dressing rooms. That would be huge. And speaking of huge -- go ahead and throw some in the plus-size stores as well. I LIKE 'EM THICK! I'm serious -- if I can't stand comfortably in one leg of a woman's panties I....throw that pair back and try another dryer.

Google Wants to Add Store Interiors to Maps [gizmodo]

Thanks to Craig, who's only interested in pet store cams. Keep the tips coming, Craig!

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