Good Times: Robot Unicorn Attack, The Game

February 26, 2010


Robot Unicorn Attack is a Flash game from Adult Swim in which you control a robot unicorn in a quest to make its dreams come true (collect fairies and charge through giant stars?). It's highly addictive, and not just because of the soundtrack, although I dare you to come up with a better song. I suggest you all waste a few precious moments of your Friday work-day playing. Trust me -- you'll feel better about yourself knowing you stuck it to the man, if only for a minute. And speaking of sticking it to the man, check it -- I'm going to cover the back of my dress shirt in superglue and wait for my boss to initiate the ol' pat-on-the-back. When he does, he'll stick and I'll thrash around yelling "HE'S HITTING ME! ASSAULT, ASSAULT!!" Yep, this promotion's in the bag.

Robot Unicorn Attack

Thanks to Jeno, Drew, AJ, G33k, Gir, Isaac and jim, who have all avoided doing a lick of work today. *sniff* I'm just so proud.

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