Girl Breaks Up With Boyfriend Over Racy Pre-Loaded Text Messages On Cell Phone

February 10, 2010


A Canadian man was recently broken up with by his girlfriend after she found racy text messages on his cell phone. Only thing was, the messages come preloaded on every model of that phone. Ah, women. They're all batshit crazy.

The Winnipeg man is calling for the phones to be recalled, after his girlfriend of two and a half years dumped him after finding text messages saying 'Booty call,' 'Where u at,' and 'Be there soon' stored on his phone.

I said, "You're being ridiculous." She said, "No I'm not, here's the proof,"' he told the Free Press.He called Virgin Mobile to complain, and was told to file a written complaint. He also returned to the store where he bought the phone - where the staff were as surprised as he was to find the cheeky messages on the phone.

'At first, we didn't believe him,' shop assistant Mike Ford told the newspaper. 'But when we looked at a couple of the same phones he bought, and found they all had the same messages.'

Darren now wants the phones to be recalled and the messages removed, to prevent other from having 'to go through the hell I'm going through.'

Listen, I'm not saying this woman isn't a rocket surgeon, but don't those messages usually come in a folder marked 'Templates'? Granted, if I ever saw a text message on my significant other's cell phone that said "booty call", I'd be pissed too. I don't date people who talk like that!

Man dumped over mobile phone's pre-loaded sexy text messages [metro]

Thanks to Van, who once got dumped for calling 411.

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