Genius, Pure Genius: The Cooler Beach Chair

February 22, 2010


The $60 All-In-One chair is the very legitimate lovechild of a portable cooler and folding beach chair. I don't know about it truly being "all-in-one" because it doesn't look motorized and I don't see an iPod dock or speakers, but maybe they're hidden in the arm rests or something. At any rate, it holds ice, beer, magazines and that ass. It has a roll cover that separates you from the cold beverages but I still wouldn't throw yourself down too hard because longneck beer bottles can and will steal your butt's v-card. Which, funny story: for spring break one year I went to Cancun with a bunch of buddies and whenever a friend passed out early we'd wedge a Corona bottle up his ass. Sometimes I feigned sleep! Good times.

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All-In-One Chair combines comfortable seating with a cooler [dvice]

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