Geekologie Fans Cover Friend In Raw Bacon

February 3, 2010

A bunch of French Canadians (you sound so funny!) decided to cover their friend in $37 of raw bacon and film it with the hopes of being featured on Geekologie. And, because I'm basically a super handsome 'Make a Wish' foundation, here it is. Per babelfish translation:

We had the brilliant idea d' to buy for 37 dollar of bacon and to do something with that nobody n' could have made. moin d' has; to be insane or belong to Philwillpic (thus insane) We did that to send photograph on the site of for qu' they appear for finally carrying out one of our great dream, to be on geekology!!! Thank you with - neilmu- for the fauleuse song qu' it has to grant to us to take

Apparently they cooked and ate the bacon after, which is pretty gross, but I would have done the same thing. Shit, one time I ate a strip of bacon after it fell off my plate and bounced under the stove. It was hairy. Money shot at 1:55, but you're gonna want to stop watching around 2:05, because things get strangely homoerotic after that. You've been warned (I watched it twice!).


Thanks william and phil, but you should have cooked him.

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