Gang Members Increasingly Using Facebook And Twitter, Losing Significant Street Cred

February 2, 2010


That's right folks, gang members are taking to popular social networking sites to brag about crimes, issue threats to rival gangs, and score bitches/drugs/skrilla. Basically everything Facebook and Twitter were invented for.

When a gang member was released from jail soon after his arrest for selling methamphetamine, friends and associates assumed he had cut a deal with authorities and become a police informant.

They sent a warning on Twitter that went like this: We have a snitch in our midst.

"We are seeing a lot more of it," Johnston said. "They will even go out and brag about doing shootings."

Gang use of Twitter and Facebook still lags behind use of the much-older MySpace, which remains gang members' online venue of choice.

Ah, I was wondering who still used Myspace. It's the gangs, huh? I guess I better delete my old profile before somebody threatens to pop a cap in my ass. Just sayin', I'm trying to keep this ass cap-free (can pull-tabs still okay).

Gang members moving to Twitter, Facebook [msnbc]

Thanks to FDSY, who had this to add, "LOL @ bloods. OMG those crips are str8 up d34d"

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