For The Ladies: A Purse That Grows Plants

February 18, 2010


I don't really keep up with women's fashion ever since my petition for toplessness was shot down in Congress, but I do know that plants are good. They like, photosynthesize and stuff and that's good for us because of something to do with nitrous oxide. Ha, did I say nitrous? I did, and I meant it. Oh my God it sounds like I'm in a spaceship. Quick, pull my teeth!

Woolly Vagabond is the living breathing handbag. He gracefully hangs from the ceiling and stands on the table. Best of all, he travels about town. He's your personal breath of fresh air and will accompany you to the museum, on picnics and out to dinner.

Just like all Pockets, Woolly Vagabond promotes healthy plant growth via breathable sides which release excess moisture and aerate soil. He also has a built-in moisture barrier to help keep your car seat and café table dry.

A Woolly Vagabond will set you back $150. Alternatively, head down to the bus station and pick one up for free. Cross your fingers for a junkie! I managed to pick one that already smells like fertilizer. I'm gonna grow weed in him!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a link to the product site.




Product Site

Thanks to rox, who used to know a girl who grew mushrooms in her vagina. Rox, that is f***ing disgusting.

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