For Geeky BFF's: Interlocking LEGO Rings

February 5, 2010


I always wanted one of those split-heart necklaces that you and your BFF were each supposed to wear half of, but I never got the chance. You see, I've never had a BFF. Or for that matter, even an F. I was raised by a powerful sorcerer. I had an owl. I thought he was my friend until he pecked my eyes out for teasing him with a dead field mouse. Interlocking LEGO rings: entirely unlicensed, entirely awesome, entirely $125 per set. Now I'm not saying I just glued a 2x2 brick to a keyring, but will you be my BFF? I know spells!

Etsy Product Page
Interlocking Lego Rings [craft]

Thanks to sid beets and Jen, who both thought linking two LEGO rings calls Captain Planet. Um, no.

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