Excuse Me Sir, You Have A Katana Through Your Head: Wack-Ass Japanese Headphones

February 26, 2010


Solid Alliance's 'Crazy Earphones' are just that: f***ing crazy. They come in styles like "mushroom", "katana through your head", "arrow through your head" and "extra ears" and will set you back around $22 a set. But what's $22 for a pair of poor quality ear-buds that'll make people think you're insane and cross to the other side of the street. A small price to pay, that's what! I just bought ten pairs of katanas. HI-YA, SUCKAS!

Hit the jump for a better shot in case you're interested in perusing the merchandise.


SolidAlliance's Crazy Earphones v2: because ear fungus sells [engadget]

Thanks to Aisha Aisha, passing me by (there she goes again). Aisha Aisha, my my my (is it really real). Aisha Aisha, smile for me now. Aisha Aisha, in my life.

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