Evolutionary Robots Learn How To Hunt

February 1, 2010


So a bunch of jerky scientists who should all be hung (like outlaws, not horses) for treason against humanity have created robots that evolve. And, get this: they've evolved the ability to hunt. Awesome, WE'RE ALL DEAD.

The robots were controlled by a neural network that mutated randomly, with input information from the robots' sensors. In an imitation of natural selection, the robots with the best maneuvering abilities were allowed to foster a new generation. Furthermore, selected robots were "paired" by having their neural net connections mixed and passed to a new generation.

Within 100 generations, the robots were able to move through a maze without bumping into anything.

The researchers described "spider" hunting techniques among the bots in which hunters would lie in wait for prey (which in this case, fortunately, consisted of other robots). The hunted, meanwhile, developed a strategy of "quickly (rotating) in place, which reduced the probability of being approached from the sides without sensors."

Yes, robots lying in wait for prey. In this case, other robots. In future cases, you. And you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna die. Well, scream and die. What's that? Ha, good call. Scream, shit yourself and die.

Robots evolve to learn cooperation, hunting [cnet]

Thanks to hERB, Mycroft, Sprite, Rafi and Big Jud, who will lie in wait for the lying in wait robots.

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