eBay: Nintendo And 5 Games Sells For $13K

February 12, 2010


A Nintendo and five games recently sold on eBay for a staggering $13,105 (plus $13.95 shipping -- cheapskate!). Why? Because a Bandai 'Stadium Events' game BOX is worth $9,500. *cough* WHAT?

Stadium Events is incredibly rare, and the manual and (most importantly) the box even moreso. The value breaks down something like this:


Hello, local printing press? Yes, I was wondering if you could print cardboard? Oh, like the size of a box NES games used to come in. Awesome, I'm gonna send you some pictures I found on the internet. Now, do any of you Geekologie Readers have eBay and Paypal accounts? Okay cool, I'm gonna need your passwords. Say -- you happen to belong to any porn sites?

eBay Auction
Old Nintendo NES system and five games sell for $13,105 on eBay [boingboing]

Thanks to Vinson and Pete, who got outbid because they're slow. Like tortoises, but sexier.

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