Dude, That's Deep: Mariana Trench To Scale

February 22, 2010


NOTE: Full-res shot HERE because you can't see a damn thing in this one. Don't even lie, your eyes aren't that good.

The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the ocean and extends at least 7 miles below sea level. That's deep. So deep nothing but my penis can reach the bottom. It's true -- one time I accidentally poked a slumbering Kraken in the head while trolling for lobster. Wow, isn't the earth a mysterious place? There's so much we have yet to learn. Like what causes weather and how come the local meteorologist can't predict rain for shit? Also, if everyone on the planet went swimming in the ocean at the same time would California sink or would it just be a great time to rob a bank? Why do children always feel obligated to crap in a wave pool?

The Mariana Trench To Scale [i-am-bored]

Thanks to kush, who I would totally smoke if I wasn't eligible for random drug testing. (Anybody selling clean urine?)

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