Don't Get Mad, Get Even Send A Bag Of Crap

February 22, 2010

wtf-poop-in-the-mail.jpg is a service that allows you to send bags of animal feces to people you don't like. I assume it was created by a zoo employee because it's not just cow dung that's available, you can also opt for elephant and gorilla scat in quart and gallon sizes ($13-$24). It's real too because I went through the entire ordering process (The Superficial Writer has a birthday coming up). Well, that or I just got scammed. But I hope not because I can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens that box and I run up behind him and smash his face in it and set him on fire. Best present ever!

Official Site

Thanks to Jcon, who sent a box to himself because he's sick like that. You need help bro.

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