Damnit Grandma, I Didn't Want A SEGA Zone

February 3, 2010


The SEGA Zone is basically a giant turd in a box with the SEGA name slapped on it. You can count on your grandmother buying you one for Christmas instead of a Wii.

The Sega Zone is a weird little console that comes preloaded with 50 games, including 20 classic Genesis games. 16 of the remaining games support motion control with a strange Wiimote knockoff, if that's your thing. Look for it in the UK this summer for $60, if this in any way interests you.

Admittedly, I do love classic Genesis games. But I also love the smell of gasoline to the point where I find myself loitering around gas stations. Mmmm, BP.

Finally! A Sega Genesis with a Wiimote [dvice]

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