Coooool!: Stick-bomb Chain Reaction Video

February 19, 2010

Honestly, I didn't know what a stick-bomb was until I watched this video. Then I was disappointed, but only because I was hoping for explosives. Everything's better with explosives. And I'm not just talking about birthdays!

Kinetic artist Tim Fort used 2250 tongue depressors to build 562 of the little tension-loaded bombs, placing them in close proximity with each other and detonating a huge sequential maelstrom with a simple touch. That was enough to break the world record for a chain reaction of these xyloexplosive devices.

Yes, it really is amazing to watch. And I love how guy yells "WOOHOO!" at the end. Because that's the exact sort of thing I do after achieving a great feat. WOOHOO! Who's a big kid now?!

562 stick bombs explode in world record chain reaction [dvice]

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