CodeOrgan Turns Any Website Into Music

February 19, 2010


CodeOrgan is a website where you can enter any website's URL, and, using a complicated algorithm, it turns the website's code into "music". Obviously, Geekologie is the most beautiful website you will ever hear, but you can try it with any other one you want. And the songs will change as the "body" content of the website changes. So you can listen to a different Geekologie song tomorrow. They are all magical! Like Link's ocarina songs, but this one won't summon your horse. Unless that's what you calling your girlfriend, in which case, she's probably cheating on you with someone nicer. LIKE YOUR ROOMMATE. Seriously, I saw them together.

Hit the jump for an explanation of how the program actually works and another link in case you missed the one in the text.



Thanks to Paulo, who makes beautiful music

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