Chinese Gangs Now Rocking Hand-Shotguns

February 15, 2010


The latest rage in Taiwanese gang weaponry? Shotgun revolvers. F*** all that noise! Seriously, I imagine they're pretty loud.

Home made handgun revolvers using standard 12 gauge shotgun shells are becoming increasingly popular with Taiwanese gang members, and this one was confiscated from a 19 year old gang gun runner.

While it's not the first shotgun shell revolver, Taurus makes one called the Judge, this is the only one I've encountered that fires a regular 12 gauge round.

The going street price for one of these suckers in Taiwan is around $7000-9000, just in case you're tempted.

$7-9K?! Are you out of your gotdamn mind? I know a guy that'll stab you with the sharpened leg of a barstool for a carton of Pall Malls and a good reference. I'm serious, call me.

Hit the jump for one more shot(!)


Shotgun revolver makes Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum look wimpy

Thanks to Mike, who, sawed-off shotgun hand on the pump, left hand on a forty, puffin' on a blunt! Awh yeah, Cyprus Hill.

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