I Learned!: Short Chat Roulette Documentary

February 22, 2010

NOTE: Dirty word at 0:50.

This is a six minute video about Chat Roulette that Geekologie Readers Alex & Brett made after being inspired by my hard-hitting journalism on the same subject. I thought the most interesting part was the fact that a cute girl that doesn't say or do anything can keep a guy to stay connected for 8:30, but a boy who looks like Harry Potter had 15 people disconnect on him in 3:25. That sucks, Harry (you should have used magic!).

This was a project I did for fun as well as for school. It was mostly interesting despite the fact I can't shake this feeling the internet is more important than I was or ever will be. Regardless, I think it's an entertaining piece about how absurd the website Chat Roulette really is.

If anyone who frequents chat roulette is wondering, through recording I easily saw over one hundred sets of male genitalia compared to a measly two open welcoming female parts.

Wow, worse than a 1/50 chance of seeing a vajayjay versus a vapenis. Those are pretty terrible odds. Wait -- where are you going? Haha, not bad enough for you, huh? Enjoy the peeners!


Thanks to Alex & Brett, who claim they undertook the project in the name of science, but I suspect it may have been all the guys playing with themselves. Kidding! Well, half-kidding.

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