Can You See Me Now?: Verizon Prevents Wireless Access To 4chan, Trolls Pissed

February 8, 2010


Verizon, in an act of big-brotherdom, has decided to prevent wireless access to 4chan, the sparkling gem of the internet. I've got the feeling this isn't going to end well. Per 4chan Status:

Over the past 72 hours, we've been receiving reports from Verizon Wireless customers having difficulty accessing the image boards.

After investigating, we found that Verizon is dropping traffic to/from, only on port 80 (HTTP). No other subdomain/IP/port is affected, which leads us to believe this block is intentional.

After an hour and a half on the phone, we've received confirmation from Verizon's Network Repair Bureau (NRB) that we are "explicitly blocked."

If you've been affected by the block, please call Verizon NRB at (866) 298-5373 to file a complaint.

Wow. Enjoy all the goatse pics, Verizon.

4 Chan Status

Thanks to Thomas, steven, Chris, 40hands and like twenty Anons and Anonymouses, who all make the world (wide web) go round.

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