But What's He Competing In?: Newspaper Reports Pedobear Is Going To The Olympics

February 9, 2010


A Polish newspaper wrote an article about the Winter Olympics and included this graphic, which depicts Pedobear as one of the games' mascots. Which, wow, who knew Poles could run a printing press?

...apparently what happened here is that someone Photoshopped Pedobear into a piece of artwork containing the various cuddly characters that some artist dreamed up to represent the upcoming Winter Olympics. While putting the article together, it would appear that some photo editor got his hands on the wrong version of the artwork, didn't realize it, and the image ran in the paper.

Listen, this sort of thing happens all the time. You don't even want to know how often I accidentally upload naked pics for Geekologie articles. Thank God I prevew all the articuls before postign them. Haha, I said preview, not spell check.

Funny Picture: Internet sensation Pedobear appears in Polish newspaper to promote Winter Olympics [examiner]

Thanks to Ford and Matt, who will be on the lookout for Pedo at the ice skating rink.

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