But What If It Lightsabers My Hands Off?: Sanitizing Your Digits With Plasma Gas

February 15, 2010


Apparently a bunch of labs are working on a device that can sanitize your hands with plasma gas so you stop shaking my hand with penis-palm after using the bathroom. Ha, like you'd even use it! You make me sick.

The idea of plasma gas may have you thinking twice about sticking your hand in this box, but at room temperature and pressure and in the controlled environment its in, it can get your hand -- from your skin to under your fingernails -- entirely sterilized in under four seconds.

The technology is geared toward hospitals, hotels and the service industry, where cleanliness is key. Plasma-cleaning itself isn't new as it's been used to sterilize medical instruments for years, but to use it on human tissue several advancements in both the way plasma gas is handled and the technology behind industrial hand sanitizers had to be made.

I dunno, I'm a soap and scalding water kind of guy. Actually, I don't give a shit what you use to clean your hands after pissing AS LONG AS YOU DO. You know how many guys don't wash their hands after handling their dong? All of them. Except me.

This little black box cleans your hands with plasma gas [dvice]

Thanks to Genebank and mrHiggins, who wash their hands in lava and dry them in the sun. Hardcore, HARDCORE!

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