Beats Me: World's Largest Lightsaber Fight?

February 16, 2010

This is a video of a flashmob lightsaber fight that took place over the weekend at a mall in Britain. Now I'm not saying I would have screamed and soiled my pants had I been in the midst of all that, but I would have robbed the nearest jewelry store and blamed it on Luke Lightsaber over there.

Over 100 Star Wars fans broke into an an massively epic lightsaber fight in Bristols Cabot Circus, a shopping mall in Bristol, England. The flashmob was organized online through facebook, and took place on February 13th 2010.

Over 100 people is all it takes to be the world's largest lightsaber fight? I would have figured it would at least take 1,000. But what do I know about world records? Besides, oh I don't know, WORLD'S FASTEST LOVER! Aaaaand I'm good.

Hit the jump for a longer, more professional video.

Largest Lightsaber Fight EVER [slashfilm]

Thanks to Victor, David and GuamOtoko, who are invited to come over and beat each other with wrapping paper tubes until one passes out.

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