Awesome Composite Shot Of Total Eclipse

February 16, 2010


This is a shot of a total eclipse (unfortunately, not of the heart) showing the sun playing hide and seek behind the moon (very worthwhile high-res shot HERE). If you look close enough, you can even see an alien in the bottom left corner. Keep looking.

This stunning solar eclipse is a composite of nine images (taken with a Canon 200mm lens) and 38 eclipse images layered over one another. The eclipse occurred in July.

The image shows how magnetic waves emanate from the sun in brilliant nano-flares.

Admittedly the picture is badass, but I wonder about all the compositing that goes these days. I mean, who's to say what's real and holy shit you think you could make one of the sun where you can kind of see my face in it? Oh, no reason. (I'm starting a cult)

Total Eclipse, Totally Cool [foxnews]

Thanks to JW, only three letters different (and a whole lot handsomer) than yours truly.

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