AWESOME: Atlas V Rocket Sonic Shockwave

February 18, 2010

NOTE: Best viewed at Youtube in 720p.

This is a video of the recent Atlas V liftoff and subsequent sonic boom. The cool thing though is you can actually see the shockwaves when the rocket goes supersonic. The whole thing is worth a watch, but the money shot starts at 1:50 (and is replayed a couple times after). Also, who thought the bird at 0:53 was definitely getting hit? I did, and I have incredible depth perception. Reminded me of Space-Bat. Which, dammit, I told myself I wouldn't cry. Stay strong, GW, stay strong. RWWWAAAAAAR!! *CRASH* Holy shit I just threw a bus. Of school children terrorists. Yeah, I'm a hero (give me a 10 minute head-start before notifying the school).


Thanks to Metallisteve, half file-sharing hating rock band, half Steven.

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