AR 'Paper Rock Scissors' Shirt Lets You Play With Yourself (HA -- Like You Don't Already!)

February 1, 2010


Marc Stromberg went and developed an augmented reality t-shirt that allows you to play paper rock scissors with yourself via webcam and computer. You just put the shirt on, go to THIS special website, and you'll be yelling at your laptop for cheating in no time. Dynamite?! DYNAMITE?! Why you cheating son of a robot whore!!

Hit the jump for a video of all the fun to be had, along with a printable version of the symbol so you can play.

Augmented Reality Game With Chest-Exploding Virtual Hand [gajitz]
Printable Symbol (PDF document)
Game Website

Thanks to meowmo, who knows you don't need a computer to play paper rock scissors alone. You just have to sit on one hand till it goes numb.

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