Admiral Ackbar: Next Mascot For Ole Miss?

February 24, 2010


Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi) has decided to ditch its old racist slave-owning mascot Col. Rebel in exchange for something a little more PC. And now there's a student movement to elect the honorable Admiral Ackbar (quite the rebel himself) as the new figurehead of the university. Tell me it's not a trap! Voting just ended to determine if students would lead the mascot-choosing process and won with nearly 75% of votes (2,510 of 3,366). Nice, Ole Miss. Now I'm not saying you should also consider Nien Nunb as a potential candidate, but he does look half chipmunk/half vagina, both of which people love and find intimidating AT THE SAME TIME. You think about it.

Thanks to Justin, Chris and Brian, all of whom have amazingly normal names for a change.

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