About Time!: First 3-D Adult Film Coming Soon

February 1, 2010


Apparently Tinto Brass, notorious smut peddler and director of the 1979 blockbuster failure 'Caligula' is set to film the first 3-D adult picture.

Brass plans to "revisit an abandoned project about a Roman emperor that was ruined by Americans, and go from there," something which sounds distinctly like a revisiting of his notorious 1979 film Caligula, made in collaboration with author Gore Vidal. Ironically Brass was upset at the time due to hardcore sex scenes being inserted (matron! etc...) without his knowledge.

Filming is set to start this Summer in what will be the first 3D production to be filmed in Italy.

I'm honestly having a hard(!) time getting excited(!) about some dude waving his 3-D junk around in my face. Call me crazy, but I think I'm gonna have to pass on this one. You see, porn's not really my scene. Well, except for this one. Now if you'll excuse me -- FLUFFER!

Caligula Director To Make First 3D Porn Movie [moviefone]

Thanks to rya, who's holding out for 4-D. 4-D? WTF IS THAT?!

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