A Trophy You Can Eat: The Bacon Lombardi

February 27, 2010


Sure the Superbowl has come and gone, but the Saints beat the shit out of the Colts, did they not? WHO DAT?! It's me, silly -- the GW!

That masterpiece of culinary greatness (and bacon) is called the Bacon Lombardi Trophy, or Bacombardi Trophy for short, and thanks to a great find from our friends over at BBQ Addicts blog, we now know what a Super Bowl trophy made entirely out of bacon looks like.

According to their post, this monstrosity of bacon madness was created by Ben "Sweet Lou" Krout, and naturally, it was made for their recent Super Bowl party. All I can say after seeing the pictures is "Damn, that is beautiful."

Damn, that is beautiful. But what I want to know is what the actual armature is made of. Pound cake? Corn dogs? Because I could seriously f*** with some corn dogs right now.

The Bacon Lombardi Trophy is God-Like [internationalfoul]

Thanks to Doug, who once baked and ate a Stahamley Cup. GOAL!

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