You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: Forum To Help People Deal With Post-Avatar Depression Because The Dream Of Pandora Can't Come True

January 5, 2010


I don't see movies in the theater because I'm afraid to leave my bedroom, so I haven't seen Avatar and I don't know what the dream of Pandora is. But if it's anything like The Heart of the Ocean from Titanic then old wrinkly Rose had it the whole time! So yeah, there's a forum thread dedicated to help people deal with the depression they're experiencing because Pandora isn't real.

Original Poster:

I recently read on the Avatar TypePad Blog, that people are becoming depressed because of the movie. People are realizing that the dream can't actually come true. I was trying to start a thread where people gave ideas on how to cope with it, as in reading Avatar stuff, Writing ( about avatar of course), painting, or whatever.

Person Coping:
After I watched Avatar at the first time, I trully felt depressed as I "wake" up in this world again.
So after few days, I went to cinema and watched it again for the second time to relieve the depression and hopeless feeling.
Now I listen to the soundtrack and share my views in this forum. It really helps.

Person Offering Advice:
Start living like Neytiri: in touch with nature, the environment, and not being greedy and wasteful. Pass on the burger, for something more healthy for you and less cruel to animals. Spend your time on this forum, or volunteering in your free time, instead of getting high or drinking, twiddling your thumbs, being apathetic and complaining about how bad the world is. Don't get swept away by the wave of negativity, live your dream. Your life has only two switches, to shine or not to shine. There is no "apathy" setting. If you're on apathy setting you might as well sign your world away to destruction. When you get discouraged by everyone around you, be courageous like Jake, and jump on the leonopteryx. Be the change you want to see in your world. There are only so many people on this earth, the more of them that are doing positive things, the less of them that are out there doing negative things. It's unfortunate that we live in a world where, just by pulling a trigger or making a corporate decision, one single greedy human being can wipe out the hard works of love of many people. But this is why we need to stop focusing on money and start focusing on our environment. Because we have the intelligence to kill ourselves, but not the wisdom to stop it. What will our money buy, when everything that is worth having is destroyed? The only way you can fill the emptiness you feel after this movie, is to jump on the leonopteryx.

Now depression, no matter what brings it on, isn't funny. So I'm not making fun of these people. But what I am saying is if you can't go around beating yourself up every time a fictional universe isn't real. If that was the case I would have offed myself years ago when I didn't find anything but suit jackets and mothballs in my grandmother's wardrobe.

Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible. [avatarforums] (with tons and tons of people chiming in)

Thanks to Spenny!, who knows there's nothing to depress but depression itself.

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