Ya Best Protect Ya Neck Brain, Or At Least Keep It Cold After A Motorcycle Accident

January 15, 2010


The ThermaHelm motorcycle helmet keeps your brain on ice in the event of an accident. That's important because if you'll recall those anti-drug commercials from yesteryear: a cooked egg brain is no good. Except with buttered toast. I say throw a halved grapefruit into the mix and I'm....damnit, stay focused, GW.

The ThermaHelm is a carbon-fiber lid with two lightweight chemical packs -- one water, the other ammonium nitrate -- built into the lining of the helmet. In the event of impact, the contents of the two packs mix together, triggering a cooling reaction.

The $490 invention will be launched in the UK in May this year, and they are already developing a more sophisticated version which, at $815, will include a video camera, GPS and Bluetooth.

Well I don't know about you, but there's no price too high to pay for my heath. Unless insurance won't cover it, in which case, I want you to pull the plug. I'm not waking up to a million dollar medical bill. I'd rather go bang dinos in space heaven.

ThermaHelm ice pack helmet saves lives and frozen peas [dvice]

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