Would You Like An Apple Pie With That?: Guy Calculates Pi To A Record 2.7 Trillion Digits

January 6, 2010


Fabrice Bellard, a computer scientist from Somwhere, Doesitreallymatter, recently calculated pi to a staggering 2.7 trillion digits. That's a lot of digits! I don't even have that many in my cell phone and I entered every number in the phonebook (I'm super popular).

Fabrice Bellard used a desktop computer to perform the calculation, taking a total of 131 days to complete and check the result.

This version of pi takes over a terabyte of hard disk space to store.

Previous records were established using supercomputers, but Mr Bellard claims his method is 20 times more efficient.

Well congratulations, Fabrice. Too bad I already calculated pi ALL THE WAY TO THE CRUST. It was crushed graham cracker. So yeah, stuff that in you 3.14158675309-hole and choke on it!

Pi calculated to 'record number' of digits [bbcnews]

Thanks to Camille, Erica and Scooper, who know a delicious avocado pie when they see one. I WOULD HIT THAT LIKE GUACAMOLE! (except with a fork instead of chips)

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