Who Wants To Go Halfsies With Me? NASA Selling Off The Old Space Shuttles

January 20, 2010


Who's with me? This might just our ticket to becoming diamond gazillionaires by plundering Uranus (straight face, straight face) and Neptune's diamond oceans!

But you will still need a rather large bank balance to purchase the Discovery Space Shuttle, which is being sold off by Nasa for $28.2 m (£17.7m).

The soon-to-be redundant shuttle was the ultimate boy's toy, flying faster and higher than any other machine in history. It was originally worth $42 million (£25.8 m) but the price has plummeted to take in the cost of hauling the monster from the Kennedy Space Centre to a major US airport.

Discovery, which has completed 37 missions into space and 5,247 orbits, has already been promised to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum, but shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour are still available, the Independent reports.

Why that article says you can buy Discovery but then goes on to say it's already been promised to the Kennedy Space Center is beyond me, but I suspect it has something to do with incredible journalistic skills like mine. That aside, who wants to go in on a shuttle with me? Worse comes to worse we can just park it in my backyard and play space. "Cobra Commander to Green Giant, come in Green Giant. We are docking at the Space Brothel now, confirm freaky three tittied aliens, over."

Nasa puts Discovery space shuttle up for sale for £17.7m [telegraph]

Thanks to Jack, Riki Kiki Taco, Brandy Alexander the Great and Shabs, who are all welcome to join my crew for the low, low introductory rate of $8.4 million apiece.

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