What Do You Mean I Can't Press Start?: The Game Boy Tube Dress

January 20, 2010


Looking for that perfect fashionable gift for the gamer girl in your life? How about a Game Boy tube dress? I'd wear one. And I'd look f***ing sexy.

Textile crafter Amber over at Sew-Oeno is seen here modeling her latest creation, the Nintendo Game Boy tube dress. It's made out of a gray knit fabric and embellished with the familiar red and black buttons and grey screen of the classic 8-bit handheld.

The medium-sized Game Boy tube dress can be found over at Sew-Oeno's Etsy shop for $60 (USD). She'll also quote you for one in your size if you drop her a note.

Good lookin', Sew-Oeno. Any chance of getting an Atari Lynx model? Kidding, that thing sucked. Except for Rygar. Rygar was the shit. I WILL SPIKEY YO-YO YOUR FACE!

Sew-Oeno's Etsy Page
game boy tube dress perfect for retro gamer girls [technabob]

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