WEEWOO!: Video Game Characters Burlesque

January 15, 2010

You really think I'd let Burlesque Week on Geekologie come to an end without a little action for Friday? No sir/ma'am! This is a video of Princess Peach stripping it down (these are actually the video associated with THIS old post), but hit the jump for some Chun Li, Link/Zelda and IHaveNoIdea action. So yeah, thus ends Burlesque Week. But be sure to tune in Monday for the start of 'Pictures I Drew Of Myself Mounting Dinosaurs' Week. I think it's gonna be even hotter!

Hit the jump for a video of more characters and a link to the picture gallery. UPDATED: Added another Link burlesque video (complete with Triforce pasties) because I love you.

LA Weekly (with a large gallery)

Thanks to Julian, Carlos, Jeremy, Dustin and Joseph, who are unsurprisingly all dudes.

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