WANT: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vision!

January 17, 2010


Want to view life as one long-ass episode of Mystery Science Theater? Who doesn't, amirite? Well now you can thanks to these Mystery Science Theater 3000 glasses! Unfortunately, you'll still have to provide your own witty banter. Which -- let's be honest, nobody finds that witty except you. Reminds me of my writing! I swear, I slay me. And dragons. Back me up, damsel. No? You are such a bitch.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the shades.



Mst3shades by gianteye [thingiverse]
Mystery Science Theater 3000 shades [make]

Thanks to Sydney, who goes through life with a Tom Servo gumball bubble on her head. It's a good look, Sydney, very space cadet.

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