WANT: Dinosaur Transformer Laser Mouse

January 19, 2010


Now I know what you're thinking, "Wow, a laser mouse that transforms into a dinosaur -- why didn't I think of that?" And the answer, my budding little inventor, is that you have little to no inventive talent. Sorry but your parents have wanted me to tell you for months.

It seems that the Decepticons have been busy and created dinobots of their own. This is a fully functional optical laser mouse designed from the Tomy Takara toy line up that you can transform into the T-rex version of the evil Dinasauler. It is a black version with purple highlights and comes with a Deception sticker. It's a standard 3-button mouse, with a center scrolling button, connects via your USB port and works with Windows98/Me/2000/XP/Vista and MAC.

The awesomeness comes at a cost though. Specifically, $58. Which, no lie, is more than I make in a day. Hooking. That's it, no more free HJ's. Starting tomorrow.

Product Site

Thanks to Anna, who transformed into an angel and almost flew into a power line. You gotta be careful, Anna, flying doesn't come naturally.

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