January 27, 2010


This is today's woot.shirt. It's Admiral Ackbar stuck in a Chinese finger trap. Unfortunately, they already sold out of the first run of (3,000) tees before I woke up this morning. But fear not, the shirt will most definitely be available again next week during The Reckoning (somebody remind me and I'll post a link) so you can go pick one up for $15. Then we can all wear them to Geekologie-con and point and laugh at each other's funny t-shirts like giddy little schoolgirls. I may even look up your skirt if you're lucky. AND IT BETTER NOT BE A TRAP THIS TIME! It's gonna be a trap, isn't it? I'll risk it!

UPDATE: Shirt back and available for $15 HERE.

Shirt.Woot (different shirt tomorrow)

Thanks to 4thirty, Garfield, Tony, Greg and CHRISYUN, who....IT'S A TRAP! ROFLOL. Never gets old.

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