Top Gear's The Stig Spotted On Google Maps

January 27, 2010


For those of you that don't watch the BBC's Top Gear, you're missing out. And for those of you that do -- let me know when so I can come over and pound some brewhahas and subsequently puke and pass out in your laundry room. Yeah, I'm an awesome guest.

BBC Top Gear's enigmatic racing car driver The Stig mysteriously appeared on Google's Street View, standing by the side of a road at Loch Ness.

The true identity of the BBC show's test-track demon has never been confirmed. Some people even think there has been more than one Stig, with Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill often rumoured to have donned the white suit and helmet.

Now I'd hate to ruin the mystery of The Stig, but I know exactly who he is. He's me. Surprised? Pfft, I can drive. I don't have a license but I can drive. Just not 55. No sir, not 55. High-five, Sammy -- now Cabo Wabo me.

Hit the jump for a shot of The Stig spotted in the window of an office building.


Top Gear's The Stig seen by Loch Ness on Google Street View [metro]
Google Maps
Google Maps

Thanks to Whitey and Asbo, who

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