The Pinnacle Of Tape Dispenser Technology

January 12, 2010


FINALLY, a tape dispenser that cuts tape with a straight edge. I think I speak for us all when I say IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Zig-zag edges are sooooooo 1900's. Also, tops you can't see through. Ahem, ladies. This is the 2000's -- GET WITH THE FUTURE!

As you can see, the blade developed by Nichiban makes almost straight cuts because it is straight as well, with convex-shaped cutters that not only make for a safer tape dispenser but also one that requires less force to use.

The new tape dispensers will be available in Japan later this month before inevitably taking over offices and desks worldwide. It will come in black and white and will sell for ¥2,310 (approx. $25 USD), while a replacement for its heart and soul - the blade - can be had for ¥525 ($5).

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "but can it cut my penis?" you are! If I could just lose four inches I think I'd be good. For porn.

on the cutting edge of tape dispensers [technabob]

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