That's Oldschool!: LG's New Retro Television

January 26, 2010


LG's Serie 1 Retro Classic TV doesn't just look like an old CRT television, it is an old CRT television. Except they're new. Old technology, new product. It's confusing, I know!

The set features a 14-inch diagonal screen, complete with rabbit-ear antennae and chrome legs. It even has old-school knobs for changing channels and adjusting volume. However, this set has a modern digital tuner, composite video for your retro video game console, and a wireless remote so it's not completely antique tech.

For extra fun, you can flip the television between full color, black & white and sepia tone modes

The TV is currently only available in Korea for around $216, but they may make their way somewhere else in the future. Probably Japan. Hold on, telephone. Hello -- Indy? Hold on I'm gonna put you on speakerphone. "IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!"

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